Hi Steve,

When using Retrospect with autoloaders, keep in mind that there are two
modes of operation: unattended and interactive. All immediate actions (under
the Immediate tab), except "Run," are automatically in interactive mode. All
automated actions (or scripts, including those started under the Run menu or
with the Run button) are automatically in unattended mode.

In interactive mode, Retrospect is assuming the user is in front of the
machine and can be prompted for input. This means that even though you have
an autoloader, if you are doing an immediate backup, Retrospect will prompt
you for the correct tape.

In unattended mode, Retrospect is assuming the user is not in front of the
machine. In this mode, using an autoloader, it will automatically seek out
the tape(s) it needs for the restore. You may switch between the two modes
once the restore operation has begun from the Control menu. Try running in
unattended mode and letting Retrospect complete the operation itself.

Regarding why the pop-up menu isn't appearing consistently, that may be an
indication of device or communication problems; I'd strongly suggest that
you give us a call and discuss this over the phone.


Irena Solomon
Dantz Technical Support
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> From: Steve Yuroff <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Reply-To: "retro-talk" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Date: 31 Jan 2001 17:45:39 -0600
> Subject: Retro forgets I have an autoloader
> As I type, I'm doing a restore of a folder that got nuked from the server due
> to human error.  My drive is a Sony DDS-3, the TSL-S9000L autoloader.
> Retrospect 4.3 on a beige G3, Mac OS9.04, 224megs RAM.  My restore first
> required tape # 2 of the set, which I inserted in slot 8 of an otherwise empty
> magazine.  It read it fine, then asked for tape #10.  I happened to have tapes
> #6-12 in a separate magazine, so I next loaded that magazine, and choose the
> "scan tapes" option from the pop-up menu.  After it read the tape names I used
> the pop-up menu to direct it to tape #10.
> Next it needed tape #11, which is in the next slot.  But instead of offering
> me a pop-up menu to select the slot, I'm looking at an eject button where the
> pop-up with the slots and the names of their tapes should be.
> So I eject the magazine (as it's my only option!), and reload it.  After
> identifying that 8 tapes are present, instead of giving me the pop-up menu
> with the "scan tapes" option, I'm told there's no media, and invited to eject
> just like before.
> Exactly how I'm to eject media that isn't there, I don't really get.  I click
> eject, nothing happens.  Fortunately, the autoloader eject button works.  I
> eject the cartridge, reinsert, and let it begin the tape shuffle dance again.
> Now it acknowledges there are 8 tapes present.  I choose slot #6 from the
> pop-up menu, and the restore continues.  After reading that tape, it asked for
> tape 12, and had the pop-up menu available this time.  I directed it to slot
> #7, and the restore completed.
> Can anybody explain why I twice lost the pop-up to choose the slot?
> TIA!
> Steve.
> -- 
> Steve Yuroff
> Network and System Administrator
> The Hiebing Group
> Madison, WI.

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