You should be able to back up your server with Retrospect without stopping
file services. I do it all the time. Do you have Retrospect running on the
same computer as ASIP or on a different machine? Tip: Retrospect and ASIP
are both huge resource hogs and don't like to share. Even offloading
Retrospect duties to a lowly 6100 and doing your backups over the network
via Retrospect client can get rid of many problems running the two on a
single machine, and performance suffers only a little.
David G. Thornton
Mac Systems Manager 
CCL Label, Sioux Falls, SD

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> HI,
> I'm just new to this list and maybe find my answer.
> Is there anyone how have a script to turn off and on the file server of  an
> Appleshare IP Server.
> I need to do this to backup file in use with retrospec. At this time I have
> to stop the file serveur
> manually to make sur that Retrospec backup all the files.
> Or if anybody have other suggestions?
> thanks
> Carl Veilleux

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