I have the above device and when I put in a tape I get a little shudder 
from the drive and no response ( wind on etc, etc) The fundamental 
problem is that if load Arcserve it tries to update the state of the 
tape it does this for about ooooooooo an hour then hangs the server 
saying aspi board failure 0.

If I leave Arcserve completely unloaded I have no problems and no 
backup.  Does anyone have any suggestions to this problem.  I know if I 
sit there and restart the server repeatedly it will pick up.  but the 
amount of time that the server remains active varys.

I need help.

It's probably a very simple solution however I am at the end of my 
tether it's a small high pressure envioronment so having the server off 
for periods is not the best scenario.

If anyone has a similar problem can they contact me 

Thankyou very much

Stuart Steele

Previous failed solutions

clean drive with compressed air duster (HP)
re-install Arcserve (ME & HP)
Complete Power off (ME & HP)
Complete change of Tapes (Me & HP)
Netware Patch for CD rom drives (ME)

My tape went out of warranty recently and now HP would like to charge me 
for the pleasure.

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