Hi Daniel,

If the tape drive didn't have a chance to write an end of data marker on a
particular tape, it should not be affecting the rest of your tapes in this
way. If the tapes are coming up as erased, the tape drive is incorrectly
reporting this information. What if you put in a new tape, try a backup of
at least 200 MB, and then eject and reinsert the tape? Does the correct tape
name show up?

When your tapes come up as "Erased" in the Retrospect media window, keep in
mind that it is the tape drive which is relaying this message to your Mac.
This could be do to any number of things: problematic tapes, dirty write
heads, bad cables or termination, or drive problems. The only way to
diagnose what is doing this is to go through each possibility one by one:

Clean heads
Isolate the device
Change tapes
Check/replace cable
Check/replace terminator
Update/Reinstall SCSI adapter drivers.
Update/Reinstall SCSI adapter firmware.
Finally, try the device on another computer.


Irena Solomon
Dantz Technical Support
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> Hello List,
> PowerMac 7600/233, Adaptec SCSI card, HP DAT loader (DAT-1 I believe)
> with 6 tape cartridge
> The last time I did a backup the system crashed.
> When I loaded the cartridge again to do a backup Retrospect showed 5
> of the 6 the tapes correctly (3 different Storage Sets, 2 erased, 1
> no EOD (this should have shown as erased)). Tried to start a backup
> and the drive then displayed the requested tape as No EOD Mark, and
> Retrospect lost track of the actual identity of the tape.
> I reloaded the cartridge and then the drive reports that ALL the
> tapes have no EOD mark, and Retrospect displays that all tapes are
> erased.
> Retrospect will not do a verify of the individual tapes and their
> contents, but reports them all as erased.
> The drive does not indicate that it needs cleaning.
> Have I lost all contents of these sets?
> Thanks,

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