Just encountered a bad situation. I had turned off file and mail 
servers on my ASIP server to run a RS backup. During the backup 
something happened and RS shows a 519 error and of course quit 
backing up. Upon checking on the server, I discovered that it was 
running just fine, but no longer thought that it was connected to 
ethernet. Trying to reconnect it from the CP was futile, as it would 
never make the connection. I was forced to restart the server to 
reestablish a network connection.

Backups of Share points have been occurring flawlessly for some time.

Anyone have a clue what might have happened and how to prevent this 
in the future? We had been having trouble with backups failing and 
thought that we had solved the problem (bad VXA drive), but some of 
the symptoms earlier are frighteningly similar to what just occurred.

Configuration: ASIP 6.3.3 on G4 with 9.0.4 with the latest upgrades. 
RS 4.3 running on a separate Mac (ASIP is a client). Server had been 
up for <10 days when this occurred.

Bob Durst
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