I've been using an external SCSI hd for my backups for over a year, and
all has been going swimmingly -- 'til a few days ago when I
inadvertently shut off the external before the system had properly shut
it down.  The 'wrapper' and a couple of places on the 'extent' files
were blown, damaged beyond fixing.  I urgently need a replacement.

Now that I have the option, my dilemma is: Should I go with a tape
system for backing up, or stick with a hd?  How long does a tape last
before it gets stretched, or worn beyond useability?

I'm using a G4/400/9.0.4 ... a single user, not on any network.  Would
very much appreciate any and all feedback from yr personal experience
re: 1) tape or hd, and 2) specifically WCH tape system y'all are most
satisfied with, as I've never used one before.  Retrospect is TERRIFIC,
and so at least ONE part of my solution is already in place.


     - ilyes

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