At 09:52 -0900 2/26/01, matt barkdull wrote:
>I know that the on-fly compression is difficult to maintain speed, 
>but it seems like better than 2:1 should be possible.  I'm not much 
>of a wiz at all with compression, however I see modems getting 
>v.42bis (4:1) on the fly, it seems like a little work and this 
>should be possible for client and server as well.
>Yes, I know that advertised and what you really get are totally 
>different, but all I know is that if something is advertised at 4:1, 
>it will be more likely to get at least 2:1 that 2:1 is likely to.

For my backups at least (mostly graphics) I doubt that the savings 
would amount to more than 2 or 3 percent. Modems only approach those 
numbers on text files.

>Alladin is cross platform.  Dantz covers the same platforms.
>Yes, most people use hardware compression, but this is mostly 
>because the hardware and software compression are likely to get the 
>same results.
>Why would anyone want to write their own compression?  I mean, a 
>license deal from Alladin, who's been doing it since the early days 
>of Mac, would seem like it would be far more cost effective.

Yep and their file format (or formats as it were) as far as I can 
tell are proprietary. If Dantz did implement compression, I for one 
would be much more comfortable with a open file format.


Steve Axthelm
Mudpuppy Studios

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