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The best "overall" compression I've ever seen has been about 1.5:1. That is,
a file that was 3 MB in size now is only 2 MB. Sure, I've seen better (and
worse), but on average, for the contents of a typical hard disk, compression
probably will be somewhere around 1.5:1. At least that's been my experience.
Please don't ask me to actually define "typical"...
Yes, this is about what I get with Dantz's compression with a Macintosh File
Back-up set.  It has worked just about flawlessly for us.  70% compressed or
a 30% compression rate is pretty close to what I get.  (exact average amount has not
been figured out)  We are a graphics/print business and deal with a lot of tiffs, eps,
fh docs, etc...

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