I attempted today to restore a recently backed up Apple laptop to another
powerbook's HD. I was restoring from a tape drive on a Win2k server.

The backup failed as it was restoring the system folder on the powerbook
with multiple sharing violations - fonts, control strip modules, extensions
and more fonts. Finally the network failed, I guess because something
important got overwritten or corrupted on the laptop.

The PB was nonbootable at restart. So, I put in my Retrospect boot CD-ROM,
fired up Appletalk, mounted the original Powerbook's drive on the new
laptop's desktop and started to do a duplicate.

Since all the files on the source PB have mod dates of Today, Retrospect
wants to totally delete all the files and start over.

While that's okay, I wanted to do this operation in one fell swoop from the
tape drive backup. Is there a better way to do this so you don't run into
sharing violations on the destination?

Todd Reed

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