On 2/27/2001 9:19 AM, "Todd Reed" wrote:

> The backup failed as it was restoring the system folder on the powerbook
> with multiple sharing violations - fonts, control strip modules, extensions
> and more fonts. Finally the network failed, I guess because something
> important got overwritten or corrupted on the laptop.

You don't say how you chose to restore but I'm gonna take a guess that you
did a full restore, replacing all contents. What you might have done instead
was to either:

1) Boot the pb from the Retro CD and then do a restore entire disk and
replacing all contents or

2) Install a system folder on the powerbook and rename it "Previous System
Folder". Then do the restore and choose "restore entire disk". When you get
to the point where you choose the volume to restore *to*, use the dropdown
menu to select "replace corresponding files" rather than restore entire
disk. This way, you won't try to write over the system folder while it's in

This is just a quickie on restores, but it's all in detail in the manual.

Hope this helps some,


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