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> Eric,
> Thanks for your reply. What I would like to know is what kind of computing
> horsepower is necessary to crack SimpleCrypt's encryption protection?
> If someone acquired a tape from me that was encrypted, what kind of
> resources would it take to get into the data? What about DES?
> Everyone on this list is probably familiar with some of the distributed
> computing attempts to crack advanced encryption algorithms. What would it
> take to crack SimpleCrypt?
> If it turns out that the datap is fairly easily accessible to someone with
> advanced hacking skills, I'll start locking my tapes up and taking other
> security measures.
> Todd Reed

The *right* way to implement this is to let the USERS choose which
encryption scheme THEY want to use. Dantz shouldn't be the one who chooses
this. It could be as simple as a popup menu on the server that would decide
which scheme to use. If I want DES, Blowfish, SSL, AES or whatever, then I
should be able to use it. In fact, I could see this as a marketing
opportunity for Dantz and/or Third Party's to provide "plugins" that provide
different encryption scheme's as extra products. If someone wants more
security, buy this product and put this plugin in the plugin's directory.

This isn't rocket science.


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