I just purchased a new 40GB Firewire drive to set up for backups.  I am
planning on using the Macintosh File method to backup all week to the
Firewire drive, and then use my tape backup over the weekend and backup the
Firewire drive to tape.  I have set everything up, but running into a
problem.  I decided to run a test.  I have scripts set up, so I went to Run
at the top and selected a script.  It starts up and the window comes up like
it is going to backup, but then Retrospect errors out with an Error Type 1.

This setup was working fine before when I was doing my nightly backups to
tape.  All I have done is put the Firewire drive in and changed the backup
sets to be the Macintosh File method.  Now it is erroring out each time.

Any ideas?

Jeff Grossman ([EMAIL PROTECTED])
Director - Information Systems, Turner's Outdoorsman

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