I got a 40G Maxtor Firewire Drive.  I just got it yesterday, so not sure
about the whine yet.  But, it is a room which is not very quick anyway, so I
doubt I would hear it anyway.

I have a Lacie DDS-3 Tape Drive.  I have had it for at least a year now, and
it is working pretty well.  No complaints.

Jeff Grossman ([EMAIL PROTECTED])
Director - Information Systems, Turner's Outdoorsman

> Organization: CropCircle Research International
> Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2001 01:57:27 -0500
> To: Jeff Grossman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: Re: Backup Problems
> jeff -
> you're describing my soon-to-be situation to a 'T':  I'll be buying an
> EXTERNAL IEEE 30gig probably tomorrow, using it for backup of my G4/400
> AGP/9.0.4  --  I don't have a tape drive yet, but am plannng on buying
> one in the near future.
> questions:
> 1) what kind of IEEE drive do you have?  So many brands:  Maxtor,
> Western Digital, EZQuest, IBM.  Is yrs QUIET (ie, it doesn't have a
> high-pitched whine that goes thru yr head and gives you a fever from the
> neck up), and is it reliable?
> 2) what kind of tape backup system did you decide on?  are you happy
> with it?  is it reliable?  I'm leaning towards an HP DDS-3 or -4 ... IF
> it's compatible with Macs ... I'm not sure about this
> 3) pls, if anyone writes to you privately, I'd appreciate getting a Fwd
> re: what the fix will be to get the Firewire drive synched-up with yr
> 'puter.  (I figure the more info I have going in, the easier my own
> set-up ... I'm out here in the boonies, no helpers around at all ...)
> thanks kindly,
>    - ilyes

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