I've used Retrospect successfully for many years with no significant
problems. Here's one that has me scratching my head, though.

Up until recently, I was running Retrospect 4.3 on a Power Mac 9600, and
backing up servers and workstations (I work for a book publisher) to a
Quantum DLT8000 tape drive. A few weeks ago, however, I got a brand new
G4/466. It's a fairly standard setup (512MB RAM, 30GB IDE HD, Adaptec 2906
SCSI card, Adaptec 2940UW card, Virex 5.9.1). However, as soon as I ran a
backup, I began receiving client errors similar to the following....

-    2/28/2001 11:02:17 PM: Copying Susan McBride on Susan McBride
     Couldn't write Snapshot, error -36 (i/o error, bad media?)
     2/28/2001 11:22:11 PM: 1 execution errors
     Completed: 2479 files, 1.7 GB
     Performance: 85.2 MB/minute
     Duration: 00:19:54 (00:00:13 idle/loading/preparing)

This happens both during normal and recycle backups, but not on all
machines. Each computer generates a single error during the backup. In
addition, I receive numerous errors on my G4 (940 of them this morning, as a
matter of fact), similar to the following....

-   Can't read file ³Macintosh HD:Applications (Mac OS 9):Acrobat Reader
    4.0:Resource:CMap:AdobeFnt.lst², error -36 (i/o error, bad media?).

These files, obviously, aren't getting backed up.

Norton Utilities doesn't show anything amiss on the hard drive, and I've run
other utilities as well. I have dumped preferences, reinstalled Retrospect
(along with the ADK v1.8 and Driver Update 2.1), swapped out media, and
recreated my backup scripts. The computer works great, except for this
little problem. Looking at the restore options, the snapshots look fine, and
I can restore files, even from the backups that are generating errors. But
still, I get this error every morning...and that makes me nervous.

Any ideas?



Brian Caskey
IS Administrator

Lark Books
50 College St.
Asheville, NC 28801

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