It has been asked quite a bit about which backup medium is the best.

Well, there are really two questions you need to ask yourself:

1.  How much time do you have to backup everyone you need to?

2.  How much data is being backed up?

Ok, so a couple more questions can also be asked...

3.  How much of your time are you willing to put into "babysitting" the backup?

4.  How much money do you have?

When I first started doing backups for an entire department of 30 
Macs, we had about 1.4 GB of data to backup over the Localtalk 
network to a 2GB DAT drive on a MacSE.
Start the full backup on Friday night and it would take until Sunday 
afternoon to finish. (~36 hours)

Just before I left that department, we were backing up 70 Macs, that 
had roughly 40 GB of data and starting the full backup on Friday 
night and it would finish Sunday afternoon. (~36 hours)

Now, the department that I backup is much smaller, 8 Macs, 3 windows 
and they contain about 28GB of data and I start the full backup on 
Friday night and it completes it in about 5 hours.

The biggest key about this is that I do have a lot less problems 
because the time frame the network can cause a problem is shorter.  A 
lot of other factors weigh in as well.  The network was upgraded from 
LocalTalk (230k/sec) to Switched 10/100 and all of the machines I 
backup are 100BaseT.  The tape drive went from a 2GB DAT drive to a 
DAT changer and then to a DLT.

Anyway, before asking which drive to get, or how you should do your 
backups.  Answer the first two questions first, then answer the 
second two.

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