By default, yes, Retrospect will duplicate (or back up) this hidden file.

If you'd prefer to exclude the Rewind Cache files, you can create a selector
that excludes the enclosing folder name of [Réwîñd Archive ]

The selector must contain these exact characters to work properly.


> From: Steve Yuroff <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: Re: Duplicate Volume Question
> Hmmm... what if I have Rewind on my Drive A?  Will Retro duplicate the secret
> hidden Rewind data?
> Steve.
> -- 
> Steve Yuroff
> Network and System Administrator
> The Hiebing Group
> Madison, WI.
>> Hi,
>> You can do a Duplicate of Drive A to Drive B, choosing the "Replace entire
>> disk" option:
>> 1. Immediate > Duplicate.
>> 2. Select the hard drive or folder you want copied.
>> 3. Select the hard drive you want to store your data on.
>> 4. Make any necessary changes in options or in what files you want copied
>> and click Duplicate. It's that simple.
>> Subsequent Duplicate operations will be incremental, only copying files that
>> have been modified or are new.
>> What is the difference between "Replace entire disk" versus "Replace
>> corresponding files"? (This option is available in the Destination Selection
>> window).
>> Replace entire disk will make the destination drive look exactly like the
>> source drive you are backing up. Any files on the destination drive that is
>> not on the source drive will be deleted. Use this judiciously: it will
>> DELETE files on the destination.
>> Replace corresponding files will copy over all files on the source disk to
>> the destination disk but will *not* delete files on the destination disk
>> that are not on the source disk. So new files on the destination disk will
>> not be touched but corresponding files, even if newer on the destination
>> disk, will be replaced by the source disk files.
>> Hope that helps!
>> Irena Solomon
>> Dantz Technical Support
>> 925.253.3050
>> ++++++++
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>>> From: Jon Stevens <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>>> Subject: Re: Duplicate Volume Question
>>> on 3/6/01 5:55 AM, "Michael Lach" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>>> I'd like to use Retrospect to make an exact copy of a drive--and to delete
>>>> files on the destination that I've deleted on the original. How do I do
>>>> this?
>>>> Thanks.
>>>> -Michael Lach
>>> Erase the destination before doing the backup?
>>> :-)

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