I've been using ARCserve for many years to backup my NT 4.0 Server and
NT Workstations and long time ago to backup a Novell server.  For the
Mac side of things though I've always preferred and used Retrospect.  I
prefer Retrospect because it's much easier to install, use and maintain
than ARCserve.  Both products have been very reliable though I'd have to
say that Retrospect has proved to be a little more reliable than ARCserve.

Now I'm finding myself needing to upgrade ARCserve to the new ARCserve
2000.  However, I'd really rather drop ARCserve and switch to Retrospect
Server Backup to perform the NT 4.0 Server (and eventually Windows 200
Server) and NT Workstation backups.  Comparing the the two product's
features and supported drives looks to be essentially the same.

Anyone out there with experience using Retrospect Server Backup on a
Windows NT 4.0 Server?  I'd love to get some feedback about it.


 Tom Roth    [EMAIL PROTECTED]    tel 336.716.4493
 Wake Forest University School of Medicine
 Dept of Biomedical Communications
 Medical Center Blvd    Winston-Salem, NC 27157-1011

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