I have retro running locally on an ASIP server with a RAID array attached. 
 Backs up to an AIT changer.  I want to nuke the array and move it to a 
W2K server.  I'd like to install retro on the W2K box, copy over the 
storage sets from the ASIP server, attach the tape changer, reformat the 
array NTFS and just restore all the files into a mac enabled sharepoint. I 
don't care about keeping privs or anything fancy.  I just want the files. 
I've never used a Win version of retrospect before so I don't know much 
about it...other than I need to buy it.

As a last resort I could rebuild the storage sets from retro on the W2K 
box (can this even be done?) but that would probably take longer than I'd 
care to wait.  :-)

Can I do this?

Mark Maytum
Pompanoosuc Mills Corporation

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