Hey all, Heads up!

At some point today, I will be transitioning the mailing lists to the new
server. Previously I thought that I would change the mailing list address,
but after further consideration I have decided not to do that and instead
simply require all of you to re-subscribe to the mailing list in order to
clean out old addresses and people who aren't reading the messages any

I will send out one more message later today that describes the process for
subscribing to the new mailing list (it will actually be the same exact
process as the old one, but I need to update some mail aliases to make it

Immediately after I do that, the old mailing list will be shut off and you
should subscribe to the new list.

Please note: The new mailing list server will be hosted on my fairly slow
DSL line (128k/384->768). I'm getting it upgraded to (384/768->1.5) (the
request is already in so it will be about 2 weeks) to a faster line. I don't
expect that this will impact the performance of the list that much however,
I am placing a 50kb restriction on the size of the messages sent to the list
until I can get it upgraded.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me *PRIVATELY*.



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