Hello Cyril,

To report back, I tried out the latest RS master codebase from github
with my plugin as per your suggestion. Unfortunately the issue is
still the same.

While I said earlier most of the times (say 90%) the failure occurs
when there are many small bytes of approx 172 bytes following by
something like 7556 bytes or some such number (usually above 3000

However, there are instances when the freeze-up occurs with a
relatively short number of bytes....maybe as low as 60 or 70 bytes. So
when I tried running gedit, during startup itself, the ssh client end
froze. While most of the time I will get the main interface window to
the X client and it freezes somewhere along the line, there are also
moments such as these when it just hands early on itself.

I also tried to log in to just a SSH console session via the RS tunnel
plugin and did a "du" on my root directory just to generate a lot of
text traffic in the form of file names scrolling as du goes through my
directory. This worked fine and didn't baulk. However this situation
is a little different from a SSH X forward since here there is only
unidrectional traffic (from ssh server to ssh client). Whereas with a
SSH forward there is a lot of bi-directional traffic. Dunno if that
helps, just trying to get as many clues as possible,

I am also not using any message queue or buffer within my own code, so
as information comes in from ssh client or server I push it down the
pipe via sendItem. Not sure if somehow the information coming in from
these ends is going out of sync and causing a freeze-up.

Your suggestion of this being related to the bug you had closed
wherein the SSL stream would lock up on occasion waiting for another
packed, definitely seemed to fit the profile of the above behaviour.

Is there some other way we can capture additional data from within RS
that would help you confirm or rule out if this problem still persists
or that would help us concretely ascertain if my code is messing up
things or not?

Since the SSH traffic is all encrypted, I am unable to verify if the
data itself gets corrupted somewhere along the line. Though if that
were to happen the SSH client / server should cut off connection with
a bad MAC / bad HMAC / Bad Packet Length or some such message if I
understand it correctly. Though to rule this out I am considering
building a python client and server that will try to push through
controlled data to and fro this pipe, and try to replicate this
freeze....hopefully something there will then be able to clarify if
data corruption is occurring and is the problem.

As you can say I am fast approaching a state where I am desperate for
ideas ;).....any help or suggestion would help my sanity to a great
deal :)

Thank you so much for your time and help :)

Bye for now.

On Mon, Jul 25, 2016 at 11:46 PM, jeetu.gol...@gmail.com
<jeetu.gol...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Cyril,
> Thank you so much for taking the time to reply :)
>>This does not seem like a crazy amount of traffic either. I'm not sure which 
>>>version of RS you're
> I've been working with RS v0.6.0
>>using, but a few weeks ago, I fixed a bug that would cause SSL packets to 
>>>hang in the pipeline until
>>a new packet arrives. This could be the reason as your X server is maybe 
>>>waiting for the stream to
>>reach a given point before continuing.
> Oh wow :) so there is hope :).....I shall download the latest master
> of RS and try again with that....will keep you posted on the progress
> I make :)
>>As I understand, you developed a RS service that streams SSL connection 
>>>binary items through RS
>>friend connections?
>>You're most probably using RsItem objects then. Their size is limited to 
>>>262144 bytes. Any packet
>>larger gets dropped.
> Yes I have been using RsItem objects...and this explains so much
> :).....is there some other class object I should use wherein this
> limit is not there / or more relaxed? Though at this moment this isn't
> a problem for me since I chunk the data and then send it. However it
> would be good to know what my options here are :)
> This definitely has given me quite a bit of clarity and hope.....I
> shall try with the latest code and well fingers crossed :)....will
> report back asap.
> Thank you.
> Bye for now
> On Mon, Jul 25, 2016 at 7:51 PM, Cyril Soler
> <cso...@users.sourceforge.net> wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Congrats for your project!
>> It's nice to see that you managed to develop a plugin! See below some 
>> possible answers to your problem:
>> On 25/07/2016 08:09, jeetu.gol...@gmail.com wrote:
>>> Hi everyone,
>>> First, let me thank all of you for giving us Retroshare. Works
>>> beautifully :) Thanks.
>>> I am one of the developers of the open source project eBrainPool
>>> (http://ebrain.in) and for this project I have been toying with a RS
>>> plugin that will allow me to tunnel SSH traffic between RS users. The
>>> idea is to SSH forward X clients tunneled via RS.
>>> I have extended the EmtyPluginRS and taken inspiration from the VOIP
>>> plugin to extend Retroshare 0.6.0.
>>> I have managed to successfully create a tunnel between two end points
>>> - it's a very dirty hack - but I can essentially do a ssh login and
>>> work within a console session without any problem. SSH forwarding of
>>> simpler X clients such as xclock, xcalc,etc work without any issues
>>> either.
>>> With more sophisticated X clients such as gnome-calculator, gedit,etc
>>> somewhere along as I use it, my ssh client with the entire X
>>> environment freezes up. This usually happens when huge amounts of data
>>> need to be sent together by the SSH client. For e.g. if a button is
>>> pressed in gnome-calculator then at times it is liable to freeze up.
>>> On further investigation I have realized that the button press
>>> translates to a huge number of messages coming in from the SSH client
>>> of 170 bytes or so and a final message of approx 3556 bytes or so
>>> before things freeze up. I then have to kill my ssh client in console
>>> to regain access to my X environment.
>> This does not seem like a crazy amount of traffic either. I'm not sure which 
>> version of RS you're
>> using, but a few weeks ago, I fixed a bug that would cause SSL packets to 
>> hang in the pipeline until
>> a new packet arrives. This could be the reason as your X server is maybe 
>> waiting for the stream to
>> reach a given point before continuing.
>>> I have tried both approaches in my plugin - with a separate thread to
>>> accept input to / from the client, and also without a separate thread.
>>> The issue and point of failure is the same.
>>> Granted I definitely do not understand the RS architecture well enough
>>> and I fear that it is this lack of understanding that is causing this
>>> problem.
>>> I am not using any sort of message queue and as data is being received
>>> from the client or server I am simply pushing it down the pipe (via
>>> sendItem).
>>> I have noticed that extremely large blocks of data (say 100k or such)
>>> simply disappear and are not received at the other end. Therefore I
>>> chunk data from ssh server or client into blocks of 16384. I have
>>> tried different block sizes but it doesn't help the bug I have above.
>> As I understand, you developed a RS service that streams SSL connection 
>> binary items through RS
>> friend connections?
>> You're most probably using RsItem objects then. Their size is limited to 
>> 262144 bytes. Any packet
>> larger gets dropped.
>> I don't know about the released version, but the current trunk displays some 
>> information about that
>> when it happens.

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