Thanks for this great software. Since the version available in Ubuntu 6.06 is 
slightly out of
date, I compiled an svn snapshot today. I am happy to report that it 
successfully imported a
"MyPasswordSafe" file which contains about 8 years worth of passwords (and 
which has been edited
by a variety of tools in that time).

In order to complete the build I had to install the following packages:

automake1.9 (after making sure automake1.4 is removed if previously installed)
libgconf2-dev (the non-dev version might also work, I didn't check)
python2.4-dev (to provide the Python headers)
a manual install of intltool 0.35 from 
along with the other packages already listed in revelation's README file.

It might be worth mentioning in Revelation's INSTALL or README file that 
autogen.sh must be run
first (not all users will be familiar with the automake approach).

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