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> Hi,

Hi Ilkka, sorry for the late reply. Been back home in Norway visiting
friends and family.

> I made with glade3 a quick mockup about ideas I would like to see in
> revelation user interface.
> Since revelation does not use glade (IMO should switch to it), this
> basically just has text fields instead of real components filled with
> correct data types - no point making such mockup if you know it's not
> going to be used for real stuff, text will do here.
> BTW, one thing I don't say in my mockup - maybe the account list should
> be like a browser sidebar, i.e. you could close and show it easily with
> F9 (gnome default for this).
> See the mockup:
> http://ner.dy.fi/gnome.fi/revelation-ui-mockup.png

Thanks for the suggestions, but this is kind of the opposite of where I
see Revelation heading. Your UI is very geared towards easy access to
multiple files, while Revelation will be using a single default file
from 0.5.0 and remove any file-handling options (like new/open/save
file). It will still be possible to open a different database, but the
UI will definately be designed for using a single file instead of
multiple files.

> I really think revelation should switch to glade3 for UI development,
> and do it NOW when revelation's UI does not have too many elements to
> port - not after implementing my ideas, for example :)

Well, the problem with using Glade is that it's hard to use custom
subclasses for UI widgets, and all the UI widgets in Revelation are
customized classes with added functionality (to make it easier to
program, for more consistent behaviour, etc). I've even spun off a
separate project, python-shinygnome, for these classes.

But thanks for the feedback, and don't hesitate to let me know if you
have other suggestions.

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