Revelation is a password manager for the GNOME 2 desktop, released under
the GNU GPL license. It stores all your accounts and passwords in a
single, secure place, and gives you access to it through a user-friendly
graphical interface.

This release uses an improved search toolbar instead of the find dialog,
adds an option to hide the applet search entry, adds icons to password
entries to indicate password strength, and improves password strength
checking. It also fixes a few bugs including a crash when undoing some
drag/drop operations, stripping of XML entities from passwords when
using clipboard copy or drag/drop, allow building without an X display,
and more.

New features:
- improved the searchbar, and use it instead of find dialog
- new applet option to show/hide search entry
- use icons instead of colors in password entries to indicate strength
- added Shannon entropy test and other improvements to password checker

- fixed drag and drop undo/redo crashes
- don't initialize python modules during configure checks
- strip xml entities from password on clipboard copy or drag/drop
- fix crash in Password Safe import/export with fields longer than 256 chars
- use full path when starting Revelation from applet
- use correct key path for applet show_passwords gconf schema key
- ~ in filenames will now be expanded to homedir
- changed default file format for export to XML
- changed button "Edit" to "Update" in edit entry dialog
- remove GNOME_RevelationApplet.server during make clean

Code changes:
- use stock gtk icon sizes instead of custom ones

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