On Mon, May 8, 2006 5:02 am, Erik Grinaker said:
> Great stuff! I'm really busy with work these days, but I should have
> time to look more closely at this in a week or so.
> A couple of questions (sorry if you anwered this below, I only had time
> to skim it): what dependencies will this introduce, and how much
> overhead is there in terms of filesize and cpu/memory requirements?

No dependencies besides python-crypto and the standard python library.  As
for performance, doing decryption and encryption I can't really tell any
speed slowdown.  I am sure you can probably measure it and whatnot, and
see a small slowdown.  I see statistics quoted for the linux kernel around
2-3 % slower, but any encryption algorithm (like the one Revelation
currently uses) has the same slowdown.

Creating the file initialy takes ~6-7 seconds, mostly because it needs to
generate a lot of random numbers, and python-crypto implementation of
Random is slow, to get close to true cryptographic randomness.  reducing
the number of stripes for the key would make it faster, but as I said in
the previous email, you only need to generate the header once.  So after
the initial generation of 6-7 seconds, every other save is fast.  As for
memory, only the header will need to be cached, and the header is a few K
(depends on how many stripes the key uses, which I defaulted to 1000, but
could reduce for smaller memory footprint and slightly reduced security).


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