Comment #1 on issue 791 by "Publish Reply" notification  
banner appears on unmodified reviews following modified review

Firebug = awesome...

Cheat sheet:
$.fn.commentSection = function(review_id, context_id, context_type)

This gets called for each review box that is posted (seems to work fine,  
receiving the correct review_id for each box).

This function uses nested selectors to essentially do:

Here's the catch: the page structure does not sync with the script's  
assumption. The
structure actually looks like:

review 1:
div#content > div#reviewX >

review 2:
div#content > div#reviewX > div#reviewY >

review 3:
div#content > div#reviewX > div#reviewY > div#reviewZ >

Essentially, this means find(div#reviewX).find(div.banner) yields all  
reviews' banners.

I'll apologize now for taking my research this far and not posting a fix,  
but I
haven't constructed one yet.

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