Comment #1 on issue 999 by sanfordarmstrong: post-review broken for git  
when working on a remote SVN branch (not trunk)

As I said, I'm not sure if I'm using --parent incorrectly, so here's a  
patch that
adds a --gitsvnparent option.  It simplifies things for me by disposing  
with the
parent diff step (which to me makes no sense in the context of  

So now I can use --gitsvnparent=1.0, and it will simply make a diff against  
my local
1.0 branch (which for me represents my SVN 1.0 branch).  Everything just  
because post-review already knows via `git svn info` how to do the svn diff  

I think a better approach would be to make --parent a little smarter when  
with git-svn branches, but I can't think of a way to tell that some git  
represents a clean sync with an SVN branch instead of yet another local  
branch that
has an SVN branch in its ancestry.  That's why I opted to make a totally  
new option

        gitsvnparent-option.patch  1.5 KB

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