Comment #5 on issue 1005 by Problem Upgrading from  
Alpha 4 to Beta 2

I can log into the admin UI and move around to everything except Settings  
and Site

Anyways I did some work and got it working with these steps:
   1. I went into the Mysql and changed the id number on that entry.
   2. rb-site upgrade created a new default settings entry.
   3. I combined the 2 so I had the settings of the old one in the  
formatting in the
      new one.
   4  I changed the ID back to 1.
   5  I redid the rb-site update
   6  After some changing of null to None, false to False, and true to True,  
it went
      through and is now working.

My only question is I looked in the site settings in the Admin panel all  
the u'..'
are back, but when I look at the database entry it says "...".  Is that  
correct or
should they be the same?

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