Comment #4 on issue 1038 by erichuss: Add time zone to settings page.

This doesn't quite work for me.  Changing the value doesn't seem to make  
any impact.
  I've tried to unravel it because it seems like there are a couple of  

1. There appears to be a bug in djblets/siteconfig/   
listed twice, and I think it is referencing the one with locale_time_zone  
which is
incorrect (admin/ is locale_timezone without an underscore).  I'm  
not exactly
sure which one is correct, it's not clear to me how djblets is updating

2. Due to the way the timezone is set (in django.conf it updates  
os.environ['TZ'] and
calls tzset), it's not picking up the change due to the way djblets is  
django.conf.settings.  In the debugger, I can see  
django.conf.settings.TIME_ZONE is
correct (after fixing the issue in #1), but os.environ['TZ'] is not  
updated.  It
doesn't work even if I restart the webserver.

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