Comment #6 on issue 1038 by erichuss: Add time zone to settings page.

I think I have the latest (r12061).  I can at least see in that in
apply_django_settings it's going to matter what order the two TIME_ZONE  
settings show
up (it takes the last value).  So if it happens to come out of the  
dictionary as

'locale_timezone':             { 'key': 'TIME_ZONE',
                                      'deserialize_func': str },
'locale_time_zone':            'TIME_ZONE',


'locale_time_zone':            'TIME_ZONE',
'locale_timezone':             { 'key': 'TIME_ZONE',
                                      'deserialize_func': str },

the last one will win.  It happens to come out in the right order on my  
system (the
second case), but that is not very reliable.

Also, due to the way that the siteconfig middleware works, just setting  
the django settings object will not affect the system timezone.  The  
Settings object
only does that during __init__.  It will need to update the environment  
variable and
call tzset somehow.

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