Comment #8 on issue 831 by Can't leave comments  
before you publish your own newly created review request

For reasons #1-#3, I can't really comment much on the technical or design  
merits that prevent the original request from being implemented.  I guess I  
would only say that given a
legitimate use-case for allowing pre-review of a diff (and a suitable  
demand for implementation of that use-case), it seems like the technical  
issues can be overcome and may well
make the project better.  Clearly this isn't going to happen right away,  
but IMO it's worth consideration (or I wouldn't be posting here :-)).

Re: "4) You can already review your own diffs, as long as you do it after  
you publish!"

The issue with this is that if you publish your diff with email  
notification, there's a race of sorts between when you are finished with  
your self-review and when others might respond to
your review.  This is clearly not optimal.  If you realize that your  
changes aren't up to snuff (i.e. you want to throw out your review) or you  
haven't provided key guidance in review
comments, you've wasted your reviewers time.

That leads to a workaround which is - again - not optimal: Assign yourself  
as the reviewer for your diff and publish it.  A review email will be  
sent.  Review your changes, leave
comments, etc.  When you are done, change the reviewer to the real list of  
reviewers.  This appears to send out a new review email.

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