Comment #10 on issue 831 by allyourcode: Can't leave comments before you  
publish your own newly created review request

re <a  
7</a>, by chipx86:

Alot of the RB-specific concepts you mention don't mean a whole lot to  
users. All I
know is that I want to be able to add comments before letting other people  
view my
changes. Other people on this thread have mentioned good reasons for having  
this. For
me, the reason is that I want to help reviewers understand the my changes.  
on how familiar a reviewer is with the code that that's been touched, it  
can be
pretty difficult to just dive right into a set of changes. Comments would  
serve as
valuable guideposts, explaining why each change is necessary, and how each  
fits in
with the rest of the changes.

I can see your point about the case where a user is working on a draft, has  
some comments, and discovers that she wants to replace the diff that's  
she's already
uploaded with another one. I'm not totally sure how to solve that, but it  
seems like
a separate issue. Doesn't the same thing come up when someone goes through  
the flow
that you suggest (ie publish -> add self-comments -> solicit reviews from  
Suppose I've added some self-comments to a published review, and I discover  
that I
made a mistake (eg a few files were not included). When I upload my new  
diff, won't
my previous comments not be associated with the new diff?

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