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New issue 1217 by madcoder: Enhanced error detection when uploading diff

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Selecting "Update Diff" on an existing review

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Occasionally, if there's a problem with a subsequent diff when trying to
update an existing review, the diff file will be accepted and stored with
no error checking, then trying to view that diff will result in a python
exception.  You can then update the review again with a new, correct diff,
and viewing that revision of the review will work correctly, however that
"bad" revision is permanently in the review, and will break every time you
try to view it.

If the "Update Diff" functionality had a preview, the uploader could choose
to either publish or discard that updated diff.  To that end, reviewboard
could attempt the shell `patch` call, and upon exception, automatically
display an error for the new diff instead of accepting the diff as a
permanent part of the review.  I'll try to work up an example that shows
this behavior and respond with an attachment.

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Mac OS X 10.5.7;  Firefox 3.0.11

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