Comment #2 on issue 1334 by Fragment expansion brings up  
404 error

The following test was performed with a web browser that did not previously  
the review request, so client-side caching should not be in place.

When initially accessing the request and clicking "Expand" the error  
happened again.
Just to be on the safe side I also shift-reloaded the page and hit "Expand"  
again -
with unchanged results.

One of the "Expand" links reads:

-- 8< --
87 lines hidden [<a href="#"  
onclick="javascript:expandChunk('file0', '2830', '0',
null, '0', this); return false;">Expand</a>]
-- 8< --

It apparently references the incorrect diff revision. In the same HTTP  
(towards the top of the request) there is also a variable that correlates  
to the diff

var gRevision = '1';

This one, however, seems to be correct and reference diff #1, so I'd rule  
out any
HTTP-related caching issues.

Next, I restarted the Apache httpd that hosts Review Board to rule out any  
mod_python issues. The issue still persisted.

Restarting memcached, however, solved the issue, so cached content seems to  
play an
important role.

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