Comment #6 on issue 733 by yoyo42: Review Board as a VMWare Virtual Appliance

Is the idea of a Virtual Appliance one of those that just keeps going to the end of the list? I'm sure there is a desire for it, and relying on rPath seems to be a bad idea - the one they have at present is badly configured, has *zero* documentation (they don't even tell you the password you need to actually run it) and is way out of

I notice building a VM was on the list as a test of the new build system a while ago - is it just a case of doing that step then hosting it somewhere? I'm sure a call for
volunteers would easily find a host.

A Virtual Appliance is such an obvious step for something with as many dependencies as RB, I'm amazed one isn't about. I wonder if the presence of the rPath attempt is actually putting off anybody else who would like to have a go? Which would be a real shame because as far as I can see the rPath VM is useless, especially for RB newbies
like myself.

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