Comment #9 on issue 46 by bernard3000: 80-column indicator in diff view

If anyone comes to implement something, I would like it be changeable to 120 (we have
widescreen monitors now) :)

For me, I think just putting a div line on top would be sufficient -- even if lines are "wrapped" (essentially ignore the wrapped portion, and do not show the line if
the wrapping occurs "before" the 80 column mark).

Would that work for others?

Implementation: This could be done via javascript if the option is available. The javascript could decide to show the line or not "on-the-fly" (depending if that column is available without the wrapping (measure the size of "80 columns" in pixels
with a "hidden div" with 80 letters of the same monospaced font).

That way, the main document could stay unchanged if just the user settings is
available somehow (external .js or additional ajax call).

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