Comment #11 on issue 46 by chipx86: 80-column indicator in diff view

Arun, this is one of those situations where an easy solution for one group is going to cause complaints for another. In large deployments, different teams may very well have different coding standards, and because of this we need a solution that is a bit more flexible.

The trick is to figure out *where* the 80th column is. We need something that is fast but flexible. Doing it server-side is possible and may be speedy enough, but will become part of the cached content, so depending on how we let the users customize it (whether we choose to make it an admin setting or something flexible the user can change) it may or may not be an option. If doing it client-side, we need a way to quickly find the 80th column on each row, which can be slow.

We also need to figure out the UI for showing that column. Background color could work. A thin line is a bit more difficult and looks odd on wrapped content.

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