Comment #7 on issue 595 by chipx86: Would be nice to have an option in the diff viewer for side-by-side or top-bottom

Quite a lot.

For the diff viewer, you'd need whole new templates to handle the rendering, a new JavaScript backend to deal with all the interactivity. Probably some changes to the chunk metadata handling (for things like move detection and so on) so that it makes more sense in a top-bottom mode.

You'd then need to cache this separately, so the caching code would need to be updated. If users had the option between the views, your potential cache requirements would double.

Then, if you want to show these in the review request, you'd need to change that logic to show the correct view, whichever that may be (if that depends on the user, you've now made things considerably more complicated and expensive). You'd also have to update the diff loading spinner height calculation based on that new mode.

In my opinion, it's not worth it. I'm actually not convinced I want that in the codebase. Having multiple ways to show the diffs just restricts what we can do in the future and increases our testing needs.

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