Comment #8 on issue 595 by ben.hollis: Would be nice to have an option in the diff viewer for side-by-side or top-bottom

Thanks for the info. I understand your hesitance to complicate the codebase, but for our internal users, lack of inline view is their #1 UX complaint about ReviewBoard. Side-by-side can be easier to read, but on smaller screens it's a pain, and a lot of people are used to inline from source browsers (like GitHub), bug trackers (like Trac) or other review tools (like the one we're deprecating in favor of Reviewboard).

It's good to know what stuff needs to be touched but I'm still hopeful that it could be done, especially given that the diffs basically start off in "inline view" and get transformed into side-by-side, so you at least don't need to do any extra transformations.

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