Status: WontFix

Comment #1 on issue 1912 by chipx86: Some way to purge old review requests

This is something you could do as a custom script that interfaces with the database (you can build a custom management command as described in the Admin manual), but it's not something we're going to put into the core product.

One of the benefits of Review Board to many people is that the review history of every change exists forever. If we were to add some sort of auto-deletion, we'd likely be creating a support nightmare as soon as someone decides they need access to some old review request and wants to know how to re-load that particular one from a backup.

So I'd suggest writing a script for this using a custom management command. We can help you with any questions on the reviewboard-dev mailing list. It'll require a rudimentary knowledge of Django models and Python, and bits of our codebase, but if you or someone there is comfortable at all with Python, it won't be bad.

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