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New issue 1953 by fedotov.aleksei: Addressing comments on "View Diff" page is not usable

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When particular user gets the review feedback and watch someone comments he sees that comments are relate to the one or more lines of code. Sometimes an idea to switch to “View Diff” mode and see surrounding code appears. Then user does it. In the “View Diff” mode user clicks on the commented line to get the window with comments appeared. Near that window appears another window (titled "Your comment") where the code owner can type his comments. At this point I assume that comments in the green box are the answer comments. But when I click to “Publish changes” button I see that this is not that. The comments does not appeared as answers but as new comments at the end of the "View Review" page. So, particular user has to keep both “View Diff” and “View Review” windows opened (or clicking back and forth again and again) to be able to watch surrounding code and explain his thoughts about reviewer comments. I think it is not convenient…

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I suggest put something like a combo box filled with the names of commentators and timestamps at the bottom of the "Your comment" window. So the user would type in his comment in that window, choose one of the comments from the combo box he wants his input to be a reply to, and then click save button. Also something like general value can be added as item of that combo box to have the default behavior like it does now.

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