Comment #3 on issue 1953 by Addressing comments on "View Diff" page is not usable

This issue is definitely what I'm experiencing as well, but it's not very succinct. I'll try to explain in a different way.

Look at the screenshot. After the first review by Brandon, Chris figured he could reply to it by typing a response in "your comment". However, that creates a new review. In order to have context on the review by brandon, he added a comment to Brandon's reply. Now, even though there's a threaded reply and a standalone new review by chris, the left pane doesn't distinguish this.

I recommend three changes:
- Add the ability to see threaded comment discussions to the "Other Reviews" pane. - "Your comment" should indicate it'll be a new review ... "Your review" maybe? - Clicking "reply" to a thread should change "Your review" to "Your response to Brandon Smith" and add a comment to the threaded conversation, not to a new review.

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