Comment #2 on issue 1975 by Git rbssh:bad line length character

I didn't have this problem on 1.5.2 because on 1.5.2, RB/rbssh would hang after the EOF in transport thread log line

It's a bit tricky for me to answer your question about cygwin or not. Cygwin is installed but I had installed python as "native" for windows through their redist. I'm not sure if it's executing in the context of cygwin by default. I installed git as a package for windows as well.

In my command prompt when I run which git, which python they reference cygdrive

The bad line length error is followed by a randompool_Deprecation warning which references my python install without cygdrive so I don't think it's running in the context of cygwin.

Is there some logging I can add to rbssh to definitively figure it out?

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