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New issue 2035 by document.title (tab name) should include bug number and submitter

I'm using Review Board

The format for document.title (the field used for the web browser tab name) should be improved. Currently, the tab name is just the review summary (the "title" of the review). But it should be something like this:
  (<submitter userid>) <bug numbers, if any> <review summary>

A format like this would make it easy to:
 - identify a review from the tab name, and
 - identify which bug tabs match which review tabs from the tab names.

The submitter/assignee should probably be omitted from the tab name whenever the submitter matches the logged-in user, as in that case it's probably a waste of space. But including it is very useful for identifying and distinguishing among the reviews of others.

Nice to haves:
- The format could be configurable, so that a company using RB can set a default review tab format that matches, say, the format used by Bugzilla bug tabs. - There could be an option to shorten tab names by, for example, replacing words with common acronyms, eliminating vowels, etc.


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