Comment #2 on issue 2035 by document.title (tab name) should include bug number and submitter

If you have 5 tabs open with 5 reviews, and you have to click through all of them just to find a single review, then something is wrong with the tab name. Wouldn't you agree?

Do you not open multiple tabs in your web browser? Don't review summaries usually get truncated when they appear as the tab names? Doesn't that make it harder to know which review is in which tab without clicking on it? Given that Review Board is a browser-based app, isn't the problem of trying to find a review open on your desktop by looking through your web browser tabs pretty universal for RB users (not site-specific)?

You mentioned "the additional complexity in the UI which it would require to be optional or configurable." Are you saying that there are already too many checkboxes under RB User Preferences?

Is it so complex to make it optional? I haven't looked at RB code, so this is just guessing, but isn't implementing this feature like 10 or 20 lines of code? I.e. add a checkbox, add the appropriate localized strings to display in the UI next to the checkbox, make that setting persistent in the DB, and optionally prefix the tab name with submitter and bug number. It sounds like half an hour of work to write and test it... is it actually a more complex picture than I'm imagining?


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