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New issue 2050 by Filtering files to review

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I looked for similar requests/issues here, but didn't find... As reviewer, I don't want to see binary files, properties, xml files etc. while reviewing. Our review requests are created automatically by post-commit hook. As one possibility to make what I want is to create a wrapper for that hook command line which creates request to filter files I am not interested in. The problem is that somebody can be interested in reviewing xml or property files as well. I would be glad to have:

1) a setting that I want to review "java, js" files only. After setting it I would not see requests with other files (if they do not have java or js files);

2) when I review request I would not see changes of other files.

3) to improve usability it can be sort of checkbox "to filter files or not" so anybody could easy switch between modes. E.g. I see some code and I need to check related xml file commited (if any), then I don't need to change my settings by just "exit" filtered mode.

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