Comment #6 on issue 1533 by File Names Cut off in Diff Viewer

Not just tied to binaries and effects other text-based files.

Using Git with  RB 1.5.4
Repository with a python (.py) file changed but the directory path has a space.
Diff is generated via automated scripting via the following command:

 git diff --full-index --cached

The resulting .diff file that I push to RB via rbtools contains the following lines:

diff --git a/test/Python scripts/ b/test/Python scripts/
 index <snip>..<snip>
 --- a/test/Python scripts/
 +++ b/test/Python scripts/

Diff being added to RB succeeds. It displays the diff for a file named "test/Python". Diff displays properly, but the name is just not presented correctly.

My guess is there is a regex parse on whitespace. Might be able to regex on /a and /b tokens instead?

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