Comment #7 on issue 1533 by File Names Cut off in Diff Viewer

Just a hint on where you can look at:
Check the "def parse_special_header(self, linenum, info)" in reviewboard/diffviewer/

Assume that you have the following in diff file:
Index: /Directory One/Dir Two/File.txt

I'm not sure why it does the following:
info['index'] = self.lines[linenum].split(None, 2)[1]

When in fact I'd expect it to behave like this:
info['index'] = self.lines[linenum].split(None, 1)[1]
'/Directory One/Dir Two/File.txt'

Then in the value of info['index'] is used as file name for binary files.

Similar split is in but I'm not familiar with their diff format at all.

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