Comment #7 on issue 547 by post-review doesn't link up with authenticated Mercurial repositories properly

I do not know whether this fixes the general HTTPS Mercurial issue, but the attached patch permits me to run ReviewBoard against a private Bitbucket repository.

There is an issue with urllib2.AbstractBasicAuthHandler in that it REQUIRES a www-authenticate header in the HTTP response in order to send any credentials. This really should be fixed in the python distribution.

There is also a necessary Repository configuration workaround in ReviewBoard resulting from Reviewboard's ignorance of the Bitbucket REST API.

    Hosting Service: Custom
    Repository type: Mercurial

Obviously substitute the real user name and repository in the path.

In addition, EVERY time I visit the specific Repository admin page, I end up having to re-supply the Bitbucket password when I save any change.

        reviewboard-https  2.5 KB

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