Comment #13 on issue 547 by post-review doesn't link up with authenticated Mercurial repositories properly

This issue is with ssh repositories. I'm seeing different issues with https based repos. I tried applying the patch but looks like the file is different from the time of the patch. Here's the relevant code:
class HgClient(object):
    def __init__(self, repoPath, local_site):
        from mercurial import hg, ui
        from mercurial.__version__ import version

        version_parts = [int(x) for x in version.split(".")]

        if version_parts[0] == 1 and version_parts[1] <= 2:
            hg_ui = ui.ui(interactive=False)
            hg_ui = ui.ui()
            hg_ui.setconfig('ui', 'interactive', 'off')

        # Check whether ssh is configured for mercurial. Assume that any
        # configured ssh is set up correctly for this repository.
        hg_ssh = hg_ui.config('ui', 'ssh')

        if not hg_ssh:
            logging.debug('Using rbssh for mercurial')
            hg_ui.setconfig('ui', 'ssh', 'rbssh --rb-local-site=%s'
                            % local_site)
            logging.debug('Found configured ssh for mercurial: %s' % hg_ssh)

        self.repo = hg.repository(hg_ui, path=repoPath)

    def cat_file(self, path, rev="tip"):
        if rev == HEAD:
            rev = "tip"
        elif rev == PRE_CREATION:
            rev = ""

            return self.repo.changectx(rev).filectx(path).data()
        except Exception, e:
            # LookupError moves from repo to revlog in hg v0.9.4, so we
            # catch the more general Exception to avoid the dependency.
            raise FileNotFoundError(path, rev, str(e))

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