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New issue 2219 by Collapse inter-diff differences onto minimum number of pages

Version 1.5

Any url where you are viewing an inter-diff e.g. http://my.reviewboard.url/r/92/diff/3-4

For diffs that are split across multiple pages each page has a specific number, N, of changes displayed on it. However, when viewing an inter-diff the number of changes on each page is between 0 and N. When a diff starts out being very large 20+ pages and a decreasing number of changes are made as release/merge approaches, most pages end up with 0 changes on them, however you still need to click through each page and wait until the inter-diff has been calculated before proceeding. It would be great if the inter-diffing could continue through all changes until N diffs were present on the first page and so on until all inter-diff differences were on the minimum number of pages.

This is for all OS's and browsers.

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